Product Info

CleanStream® Gore® HEPA Cartridge Filter

  • Manufacturer: Shop-Vac
  • Model Number: 9034000

Shop-Vac® CleanStream® Gore® HEPA Cartridge Filter is the ultimate filter for wet and dry pick up*. It is made of HEPA material that maintains suction power even when used with fine debris like drywall dust! The exclusive nonstick surface resists clogging. Easy to clean, just tap or rinse. Reusable! One Year Satisfaction Guarantee! It fits Shop-Vac® brand wet dry vacuums 5 Gallon* and above (except 5 Gallon* portable model H87S, 5 Gallon* HangUp®, 5 Gallon* Wall Mount and 6 Gallon* long life model P12S Vacuums). 

*Non-hazardous, non-toxic, non-flammable materials only.  Do not use this filter for vacuuming lead paint debris. This filter is NOT intended for use under EPA Regulation 40 CFR Part 745 for lead paint material clean up.