Preventing Kickback From A Circular Saw

Preventing Kickback From A Circular Saw

The last thing that you want is a circular saw or the wood kicking back up at you and causing injury. Here are just a few ways to prevent kickback while using a circular saw:

Check your blade
Obviously the blade of your circular saw is the most important part of the machine. You will need to make sure that it is in good condition before starting. Your blade being dull, warped or dirty are all good reasons why kickback could occur.

Secure the wood
If you are working on sawhorses and the wood is bending in the middle, consider a different surface. If the wood is moving, clamp it down. Not doing these things could cause kickback.

If something feels/sounds wrong: stop
If you hear the blade screech, release the trigger immediately and check to see if there’s a bind. The same thing goes for if you start to feel kickback. Release the trigger and let the blade come to a stop on its own.