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AM/FM radio & hearing protector. Noise reduction rating (NRR) 22 dB. Digital tuning with LCD display. MP3, iPod or scanner compatible. Lightweight and comfortable. Innovative dB limiter. Soft foam ear cushions.

  • Model Number: ST2D016

Maglite brings LEDs into focus. The Maglite two D-battery LED flashlight--well known for its quality, durability, and reliability--is now available with new MAG-LED technology. Designed for professional and consumer use, benefits include a powerful projecting beam that focuses simply by rotating the head; balanced optics, combining a highly refined reflector with a quality LED, for a brilliant adjustable beam; intelligent energy source management (patent pending) that balances high brightness with efficient power usage; and water and shock resistance.

  • Manufacturer: Ortho

Up to 5 minutes of continuous spray. Kills the roots! Guaranteed! Rainproof in 10 minutes. Visible results in 6 hours.

  • Manufacturer: Scotts

Feeds for up to 6 months. With MicroMax nutrients for hearty, vigorous plants with richer more vibrant colors! Blend of rich ingredients with Miracle-Gro Continuous Release Plant Food. Convenient and easy, contains a more complete feeding package for container plants to thrive and flourish.

  • Model Number: RB1460

A perfect start towards complete closet organization! It's simple to add drawers, shoe shelves, baskets or doors.

  • Model Number: SCO5CN

Choose one of eleven pre-programmed locations. Photoelectric Smoke Sensing Technology – stops most false alarms and is environmentally friendlier. Test/Silence button with low battery warning silence. Runs on 2 AA batteries. End of life timer and a 5-year limited warranty.

Same great Bona Hardwood Floor Cleaner in an economy size. Unlike all-purpose cleaners, will not dull your floor's finish or leave oily residue. Waterborne, non-toxic, and environmentally responsible.

  • Model Number: 345001

For narrow deckboards measuring. 3-1/4" to 5". Automatic 3/16" spacing. Dual screw guides fasten both sides of board with single tool placement. Clamping action grips deckboard. Heavy-duty, contractor-grade tool.

  • UPC: 641877101942

4 ZipPole™ steel Spring Loaded Poles, a head, plate, tether, and GripDisk™ for each pole, a heavy duty Carry Bag, and a box of 2 Standard Zippers. Plastic sheeting is not included

  • UPC: 647096802134
  • Manufacturer: Kreg Tools
  • Model Number: K4MS

The Kreg Jig® Master System is the ultimate Pocket-Hole Jig on the market, and a great choice for any woodworking enthusiast. Between its solid clamp, large clamping recess, Dust-Collection Attachment, Material Support Stop, removable 3-Hole Drill Guide, and seemingly endless adjustability, this jig truly has it all!

  • Manufacturer: UGL

DRYLOK Concrete Floor Paint is specially formulated to protect and decorate masonry floors in homes and industry, both indoors and outdoors. DRYLOK Concrete Floor Paint is a scientifically formulated "treatment" for masonry floors. It outperforms ordinary floor paint under traffic, washings, weather, acids and alkalis.

  • Manufacturer: Dow Building Products

GREAT STUFF PRO™ Wall & Floor Adhesive is a heavy-duty, premium-grade polyurethane foam adhesive for interior and exterior applications. A single-component, moisture-cured foam adhesive, GREAT STUFF PRO™ Wall & Floor is used to adhere subfloors, drywall, paneling, foam panels and most construction materials.

  • Manufacturer: Festool
  • Model Number: TS 55

The TS 55 has redefined the standards for circular saws. A host of refinements were incorporated to create a saw that is lighter, easier to handle, and more accurate than traditional saws. MMC electronics, FastFix blade changes, retractable spring-loaded riving knife, integrated dust extraction, and triple motor bearings all add up to unsurpassed quality and usability.

  • Manufacturer: Festool
  • Model Number: KS 120

The Kapex is the most advanced sliding compound miter saw in the market today. In the hands of a carpenter, this saw will make cuts that rival the finest trim work being done today. Engineered to be lightweight and compact, the KS 120 is the perfect saw for the workshop or the jobsite. Effective dust extraction, precise cuts, easy adjustments, and quality components are some of the features that should make this saw the number one choice of professional tradesmen.

  • UPC: 012643008152

The Bucket of Safe-Tie is a roofing kit built for the roofer, by the roofer. It is one of the few kits available on the market that includes a lifeline with an integrated shock absorber, which allows the worker to never have to worry about incorporating an additional shock absorbing lanyard into their fall protection system.

  • UPC: 079545113537
  • Manufacturer: Jonathan Green Lawn and Garden
  • Model Number: 11353

MAG-I-CAL® is a highly soluble form of calcium that helps to rapidly raise your soil’s pH, improving the health of your lawn by releasing trapped nutrients in the soil that feed the grass plants.