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  • UPC: 645397930341
  • SKU: 6304

The WORKBRITE 2™ provides hands-free lighting in three different ways: a hanging hook, a 200º pivoting stand and a magnetic base. Whether you are under the hood, under the sink or just out in the dark, the WORKBRITE 2™ works great for any application. WORKBRITE 2™...It stands! It hooks! It sticks! It lights! It WORKS!

  • Manufacturer: Festool

The OF 1400 Router provides 1400 watts of power in a machine that weighs less than 10 lbs. It accepts 1/2", 1/4" or 8 mm bits. With enough power to handle most routing tasks and small enough to be extremely maneuverable, the OF 1400 is the one router every tradesperson should own. With a category-leading 2 3/4" plunge depth, precise to 1/256" (1/10 mm), this router gives you the power, precision, depth of cut, and dust extraction capabilities that will simplify your routing tasks.

  • UPC: 641877202854

The ZipDoor® Kit seals standard doorways up to 3’ x 7’. Made from 4 mil plastic sheeting. Includes two pre-installed zippers.

  • UPC: 774783423614

ROXUL COMFORTBATT® is a stone wool insulation product for use in both new residential construction and renovations. This semi-rigid batt has a unique flexible edge designed to compress as the batt is inserted into walls, attics, ceilings and floor frames. The flexible edge springs back, expanding the batt against the frame studs to give a complete fill. 

  • UPC: 099198671031
  • Model Number: SH-047

The Protocol Work Table Folding Sawhorse is constructed of high-grade steel; with 1,100 lb. table capacity, a 47" width and 30" height is an excellent support for many applications. The easy carry handle and folding legs make transport compact & easy.

  • Model Number: CEP5270
  • 51 Watt LED Panel Light
  • 3 Panel Design with rotating wings for 360 degrees of directional lighting.
  • Very low heat output allows for use in tight work areas.
  • Impact Resistant for durability in harsh environments.

  • UPC: 644323889005

Most jobs start with "demo", so why not start with the ultimate wrecking bar... The Annihilator!

  • UPC: 885911369329
  • Manufacturer: DeWalt Tools
  • Model Number: DCS361M1

The 20V Max* 7 1/4" Sliding Miter Saw is guaranteed tough! It utilizes a 20V Max* Battery Pack which provides on average, 183 cuts of 2 x 4 pine or 275 cuts of 3-1/4 pine baseboard. The integrated XPS cross cut system provides adjustment free cut line indication for better accuracy AND visibility! The oversized bevel scales makes bevel angle adjustments accurate and easy too.

  • UPC: 051191661006

Abocrete permanently repairs, bonds, rebuilds, and resurfaces concrete and most rigid surfaces.  It is structurally and chemically superior to concrete.  Unlike concrete, latex modified concrete, and other mixes, it is virtually shrink-free.

  • UPC: 815267010002
  • Model Number: GR-100

Precision, control and safety has never been so smart. The GRR-RIPPER acts as a Moving-Blade-Guard™ for total hand protection. The Adjustable Center Leg grips the off cut piece and prevents wood burn. The 1/4″ Leg controls the keeper piece. Balance Support stabilizes small and narrow workpieces. Fully adjustable to allow for a myriad of uses.

  • Manufacturer: Larson Storm Doors & Windows

Is it time for a new storm door? Shop for the best in quality at Morristown Lumber. You can't go wrong with a Larson Storm Door. Afterall, Larson is America's #1 selling Storm Door. 

  • Manufacturer: Irwin

These Irwin 8" Leverage Lineman's Pliers features three-zone comfort grips are contoured for optimal cushion and control. It has a built-in spanner for turning screws, nuts, and grounding rods. The induction-hardened cutting edges cuts ACSR, nails, screws, and even piano wire! When shopping around for a handy pair of pliers, you'll find only the best at Morristown Lumber & Supply!

  • UPC: 086073267212
  • Model Number: 2610F721

The 2610F is a versatile and easy to install wall mounted sliding door hardware set ideally suited for application where the installation of a Pocket Door is not structurally possible or not cost effective. Possible applications include closets, storage rooms or anywhere space is limited and a wall mounted sliding door will suit. The 2610F is for interior use only and not suited for external applications.

The Louvered Colonial shutters provide an undeniable, simple charm with the clean, crisp lines of true open louvers. Delivering authenticity and timeless aesthetics, these shutters allow ambient light and flowing breezes when they are in the closed position. 

  • UPC: 038662931172
  • Manufacturer: Saint Gobain Adfors
  • Model Number: FDW8599-U

FibaFuse is an innovative paperless drywall joint tape designed for professional renovators and remodelers. FibaFuse is a glass mat drywall tape that is ideal for use with mold-resistant and paperless drywall systems for high-humidity and moisture-prone applications.

FibaFuse is easy to cut and retains its folds, making it easy to install by hand on joints in corners. You can also use super tapers, banjos and automatic tapers to apply FibaFuse and compound to seams.

i-lighting’s 5mm iluma LED light strip is designed to blend right into the railing, creating an invisible look on most composite, vinyl, aluminum and wood decks. The iluma under rail lighting comes pre-made in 1′ to 8′ lengths and with LED’s strategically placed for optimal lighting.

The Hampton Extruded Rail System is an economical rail solution with performance superior to composite railing. This rail system is available in 6, 8 and 10 foot lengths for level & radius rail runs, and 6 & 8 foot lengths for stairway applications.

  • UPC: 697920000236
  • Manufacturer: Edge Eyewear

Edge Eyewear takes pride in merging cutting-edge technology with contemporary fashion, providing the finest safety-rated eyewear on the market.

Perma-Columns are five foot precast concrete columns that keep wood out of the ground, ensuring your building’s foundation will never rot. They are the first product to combine the economy of post frame construction with the durability of a concrete foundation. Simple installation. No waiting on concrete trucks. No treated wood in the ground.


  • UPC: 073590956200
  • Manufacturer: GAF Roofing Solutions

Stop by Morristown Lumber and pick up the Cobra Exhaust Vent for Roof Ridge. Effective attic ventilation is critical for a long-lasting roof! A properly balanced attic ventilation system will help to: remove excess heat and moisture to protect your roof from premature deterioration, prevent roof rot in your attic or roof deck, and minimize peeling and extend the life of exterior and interior paint. Plus, it also limits the growth of harmful mold, safeguard your attic possessions against mildew damage, guard against ice damming in harsh winter climates, and promote energy efficiency by reducing excessive heat in your attic.

  • UPC: 042928154021
  • Manufacturer: National Nail

The CN100 is a high production tool for use where nails are required.  It shoots plastic caps for residential roofing and sidewall applications.  Key features include tool-free depth adjustment and an integrated switch for sequential/bumpfire capability.

  • UPC: 707392694137
  • Manufacturer: Simpson Strong Tie

DTT tension ties are safe, cost-effective connectors designed to meet or exceed code requirements for deck construction. These versatile DTT connectors are also load rated as a holdown for light-duty shearwalls and braced wall panel applications. The DTT2 fastens easily to the wide face of a single or double 2x using Simpson Strong-Tie Strong-Drive SDS Heavy- Duty Connector screws and accepts a ½" machine bolt or anchor bolt.

  • UPC: 696859264207

Nantucket Spider is an all natural deet-free bug repellent for PEOPLE who care about their bodies and the environment. The active ingredients in our spray are essential oils known for their repellent abilities; clove bud, lemongrass, cedar, geranium, citronella, rosemary and peppermint. They have also added lavender and lemon eucalyptus oils and topped their bottle with a trigger sprayer that provides excellent coverage. You will find Nantucket's spray to be very pleasant smelling and gentle to skin, hair, gear and clothing.

  • Manufacturer: SawStop

The SawStop Jobsite Saw unites SawStop Safety and pioneering innovation with compact portability. For the first time, the promise of SawStop safety, quality and peace of mind can travel with you wherever you go

  • UPC: 885911211741
  • Manufacturer: Porter-Cable
  • Model Number: PCL120CRC-2

The PCL120CRC-2 includes PCL120CR Reciprocating Saw, (2) PCL12BLX 12V Lithium Ion batteries, (1) PCL12C 12V 30-minute charger, (1) 4 in. Metal cutting blade, (1) 4 in. Wood cutting blade, (1) Hex key for clamping shoe.