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Purchase any "in stock" Husqvarna outdoor power tool and receive a one quart, premixed, genuine Husqvarna 50:1 can of fuel to get you started with your new purchase.

*using genuine Husqvarna fuel doubles the factory warranty!! 

Husqvarna outdoor power tool

Below are the Husqvarna items we stock:


  • 129L
  • 122C
  • 322L

Leaf Blowers:

  • 560BFS
  • 150BT
  • 125B
  • 125BVX


  • 120 Mark II
  • 135
  • 440 II e-series
  • 455 Rancher
  • 460 Rancher

Not valid with any other discounts or sales.

Offered By: Morristown Lumber and Supply Co